You can reach the beach, pools, supermarkets, internet cafe, bars (Senegambia!) as well as  a wildlife sanctuary very easily within 10 minutes of walk distance and/or a taxi ride.

The residence is located in a calm area. In many nights all you will hear is the gentle roar of the surf and sometimes also the vibrating Tam-Tam of distant drums.

National Parks

In the very near of the residence there are two amazing national parks. The Bijilo Forest Park is in only a couple of minutes by foot. The Niumi National Park can be easily be reached with a car or taxi.

Car rental

It is comperatively affordable to rent a car. You can even rent a car with a chauffeur for a small amount of money. E.g. you can rent a car with driver for one day (from 09:00 to 19:00) for around 25,- € (not including gasoline). We will be of help if you like to rent a car on site.